Why Florida Medicare Specialists?

As you begin to approach Medicare eligibility, it’s only natural that you have questions: When exactly am I eligible? When can I sign up? How do I sign up? What will this cost me? Should I remain enrolled in my company healthcare plan?

Even if your employer has a dedicated HR team, you may not have anyone to help you answer these questions. Unfortunately, answering incorrectly–or, even worse, not knowing the right questions to ask in the first place–can result in delays or even penalties.

At Florida Medicare Specialists, our focus is educating individuals about Medicare in order to avoid these costly mistakes and penalties (believe me, they do unfortunately happen) and get the most out of their healthcare. There is no reason to go it alone!

Medicare can be confusing. We make it easy.


Shedding Light On Medicare

If you’re used to an employer-offered group plan, you might be confused by Medicare because it is so segmented: Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D. Why so many PARTS? Does each stand alone? Do they overlap?

Penalties and strict enrollment periods mean that your health and your budget are at stake. Understanding how Medicare works is essential to a healthy and happy retirement.

Florida Medicare Specialists exists to explain Medicare, from eligibility to enrollment, and everything in between in order to avoid coverage mistakes and penalties. We focus on the basics and exclude the over the top layers of confusing information.

We’re certain you will learn because our approach is simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

How It Works

I’ve put much of the relevant information on Medicare here on my website. Take a moment to read more about the parts of Medicare or view any of the videos I have recorded.

You may very well be able to learn everything you need to know about Medicare without our help. That’s OK with us. It would be great to know that our material is beneficial. Please let us know.

However, if you still have questions regarding your unique circumstances, know that Florida Medicare Specialists is here to help. There will never be a fee for any assistance we provide, nor will you be required to enroll in any plans for which we are paid a commission. You will decide if you trust us enough to help you find the right Medicare Health Plan.

Please call (407) 497-6287 or email me at kenbrown@floridamedicarespecialists.com to learn more.

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