As your employees approach Medicare eligibility, they naturally have questions: When am I eligible? When can I sign up? How do I sign up? What will this cost me? Should I remain enrolled in my company healthcare plan?

Regardless of how small or large your organization, employees frequently turn to your staff for help.

Answering these questions can be time consuming, and full of traps for your staff to research because Medicare rules are loaded with exceptions and qualifiers that may result in delays in enrollment or worse, penalties that never go away.

At Florida Medicare Specialists, our focus is educating individuals and businesses alike about Medicare in order to avoid costly mistakes and penalties.

Medicare can be confusing. Let us make it easy.


Located in Central Florida, licensed by the State of Florida Department of Insurance for 46 years, and annually certified by Medicare since 2009, our business is exclusively Medicare. Ultimately, our business is helping people navigate Medicare, be they individuals or people we meet through relationships with employers.

Although we are based in Central Florida, our reach is statewide. We support employer HR and Benefit Staff, as well as assist individuals throughout Florida with any needs they may have regarding Medicare.

We understand that our interaction with your employees reflects directly on your company. Our promise is we will never be the source of a complaint. Our integrity is important to us, and we are guided by the highest of ethics in everything we do on behalf of your company.

We never charge a fee for anything we do. Whether we advise, consult, teach, or solve problems, there will be no cost to anyone. We can prove it, just ask for references.

We pride ourselves on being students of Medicare. It changes constantly. And when a change takes place, being unaware can be expensive. When dealing with the government, “I just didn’t know” is not a valid excuse.

Your HR/Benefits team has enough to worry about. Why not let us take care of Medicare?


That is up to you. But we find establishing trust among your employees is vital to success in creating a long-term relationship with them. To this end we encourage periodic “Lunch & Learns”, which might be once a year, or more frequently if you prefer. Content of the Lunch & Learn will be the same if only one employee attends, or there are 50 in attendance.

These meetings will never exceed an hour in length. If your lunch breaks are shorter, the schedule can be adjusted to fit your needs. The format will always be educational (as prescribed by Medicare), yet relaxed, with attendees encouraged to ask questions.

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Emphasis is placed on eligibility, when and how to enroll in Medicare, and, importantly, whether to enroll in Part A or Part A and B. Correct answers to these questions prevent the most common Medicare penalties. We can also offer help with affording prescriptions.

We don’t believe in badgering your staff or your employees with phone calls to sell them anything. We find employees will contact us as they deem necessary. Typically, if they have questions, they may contact your staff for referral to us, or give us a call directly.


If you agree that health insurance can be a quagmire of rules and regulations, then Medicare can be a nightmare. Remember, you’re dealing with the government.

At Florida Medicare Specialists, simplifying Medicare is our business. Let us help you with yours.

For more information, please call (407) 497-6287 or email me at kenbrown@floridamedicarespecialists.com.

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