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At Florida Medicare Specialists, we believe in helping you understand your Medicare options, so that you can reach your own decision. We will educate and inform you on all the Medicare intricacies and help you select the right one. We pride ourselves on being helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and available to provide a comprehensive picture of your Medicare supplement and benefit opportunities.

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Medicare can be confusing! We make it easy for your employees to understand their options. Medicare Made Easy. 


When your employees have questions about their Medicare benefits, we have answers! Our focus is always educating your employees to avoid costly mistakes.

Medicare Part A

Part A of Medicare covers In-Patient hospital bills, skilled nursing, home healthcare, and hospice.

Medicare Part A

Knowing how Medicare A coverage affects you and your family is key in your healthcare journey, from deductibles to benefit periods. We are here to help you learn!


Even if your employer has an HR team, you may need answers to all your Medicare questions.


As dedicated Florida Medicare Specialists, our job is to simplify the complicated nuances of all things Medicare. Give us a call or inquire now.

Medicare Part B

Part A combined with Part B actually completes Medicare. Part B covers many typical expenses that you'll need.

Medicare Part B

Everything from doctor office visits, bloodwork, x-rays, CT scans, and a comprehensive list of medical services; Medicare Part B covers the most common, frequent medical expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare Supplements

With a wealth of options in Medicare Insurance, it is important to learn about the differences for each program.

Medicare Supplements

Healthcare costs seem to always rise and setting yourself up for success can feel overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information available online. We simplify that for your convenience.

Medicare Part C

Commonly known as the Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Part C is a "bundled" plan for your convenience.

Medicare Part C

This plan brings additional benefits to the forefront, such as gym memberships, vision, dental, and hearing; so having a professional Medicare Specialist on your side will be helpful!

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We are always here to help!


Our focus is simple; we aim to explain, inform, and educate on your Medicare plan and supplement options and help you make your decisions.


With over 46 years of experience in health insurance and 12 years solely focused on Medicare, our knowledge of Medicare is comprehensive.


Our founder, Ken, is passionate about educating his Florida neighbors on all things Medicare. His vision is to Make Medicare Easier.

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Are you confused between Medicare Parts, Medicare Plans, and all the various options? Wondering about potential mistake and penalties? Don’t worry, get informed! We want to help. 

Florida Medicare Specialist Ken Brown

Meet Ken

As a dedicated health insurance expert for 46 years (with 12 years focused only on Medicare) in The Sunshine State, Ken Brown is passionate about educating people on the intricacies of health coverage for Florida’s seniors. From understanding the base options to the more complicated supplmental plans and add-ons, whether you need a few minutes to understand one aspect or hours on the phone to dive into your unique circumstances, Ken created Florida Medicare Specialists for you. Simply put, the goal is to be helpful, informative, efficient, and free, so that you feel empowered to make your Medicare decisions.


Making Medicare Easy


Based on your unique circumstances, we will discuss your situation and help you arrive at your best Medicare coverage options.


Our goal is for you to feel confident in your Medicare knowledge. From phone calls and in-person meetings, we are here for you.


We will stay by your side through the entire process, ensuring that you select the perfect Medicare plan for you and your family.


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